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"........each day new gifts of driftwood present themselves to be incorporated into ......."

Making functional art into a functional business is, in itself, an art all its own. Harnessing creativity and directing its flow are skills continually in development at Neptune Furniture. While it is true that Neptune Furniture is a furniture woodworking shop, it is also very much an art studio. And just as the materials we use once grew, our styles and direction grow and change every day.

Please understand that our journey carries us forward and into new places each day, and just as the images used in this format are representative of our quality, they also show a moment of time in that journey. This is not meant to be a catalog; it is more truly a portfolio.

We strive to have a chair available for purchase at Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, every Sunday of the year. These pieces are the newest work, fresh out of the shop. Come see us and see what's new. About 40% of our work is custom, which is never presented to the public. Most custom orders, however, are based upon a piece the customer has seen at Pike Place Market. Just as all people are not the same size, chairs needn't be, and Neptune Furniture enjoys doing custom fits.

We make rocking chairs, chairs that don't rock, children's chairs, chairs with or without arms, footstools, garden benches, love seats, porch swings, end tables, and more. Pricing information is available upon request.


After agreement on the design, we require a 50% deposit when the order is placed, and the balance is due prior to shipping. We accept VISA/MasterCard and checks. Lead time for completion of custom orders is approximately 6 weeks. Shipping is due and payable by the customer directly to the trucking company upon delivery of the furniture.

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